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Meet Our Intern, Nico from Germany!

Posted on 02/28/2018 in Latest News

Meet Our Intern, Nico from Germany!

Here at Go West, we employ over 40 of the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. More recently we welcomed our new intern Nico, hailing from Germany! We had a chat with him to find out about how he found himself on the other side of the world interning for Go West!

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself!

My name is Nico and I’m from Germany. I have done a lot of travelling in my life and it’s my favourite hobby! Aside from traveling, I’m a huge sports fan and spent a lot of time playing sport before coming to Australia to start my internship with Go West Tours.

How did you find your yourself in Australia Interning for Go West?
Currently I am studying International Business at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Maastricht. As part of my third year at Uni we must do an internship abroad and this was one of the options. We have a lot of partners in the world but before coming to Australia I was studying in New Zealand, and was looking for an internship in either New Zealand or Australia.

What has been your favourite part of the job?
My favourite part of this job so far has been that it has a lot of variation. I’ve been able to take part in a lot of different tasks, which means that almost every single day is different. I am enrolled in a variety of subjects at my university, and the ability to apply the skills I have learned in the field is really important for me.

Which is your favourite Go West tour and why?
My favourite tour has been the Phillip Island Tour, especially seeing the penguins coming ashore.  It’s a full day tour and during the day you will visit the Brighton Beach Boxes, as well as the Moonlit Sanctuary where you can see all the native animals from Australia. Then heading towards Phillip Island, you’ll visit Point Grant where you can stroll across the boardwalks to see Nobbies and Seal Rocks. The highlight of the tour was the incredible Penguin Parade. I have seen it once before, but it was really nice to see it again!

What do you love about Melbourne?
Melbourne is one of my favourite places in the world. It is a city that never sleeps and in my opinion it is much like New York in the States. Once you are in the city you can get everywhere by walking or taking the free tram, which is really useful. Melbourne also has a lot of sports competition and activities going on throughout the year. It is also the first city that I have lived in that has more than 1 million people living in it. Also, Melbourne has been voted most liveable city in the world for the seventh year in a row. This makes it even more special for me.

From your experience, what is your most important advice for guests visiting Melbourne for the first time?
If you visit Melbourne for the first time you should take you time and stay here for at least a week. Melbourne has a lot to offer, even in the winter months. The big highlight for everyone would be the Great Ocean Road with the 12 apostles and the London Bridge. In the city you can visit the Eureka Tower and have a 360 degrees view of the city. Other places you can visit in the city are: Melbourne Town Hall, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Victorian Parliament, Flinders Street Station and Federation Square.

What have you found different about Australia/Australians to your home country?
The people in Australia are much nicer and more laid back compared to back home. We Germans are always on time and very strict. Australia is much more relaxing and I like it. Australia is also bigger, and the cities are larger compared to the cities in my area. The major difference is of course the nature, the animals and the landscape are the most different. So if you are planning to visit Australia please go out, take in your surroundings and see it for yourselves.

What is your favourite native Australian animal and why?
I have to say the Koala because it reflects my personality the best. When I am not working I like to relax with friends and this is what the koala does best – relaxing, eating and sleeping.

Do you think you’ll be returning to Australia?
Yes, I have visited Australia once before and I wanted to come back ever since. My parents have a lot of friends here and I visited them before I came to Melbourne. Once I knew that I was going to Australia I was so happy, and couldn’t hold my smile once I told my parents. I hope to come back when I have finished my studies.

Thanks Nico! We’re glad to have you on-board at Go West Tours and look forward to working with you!

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