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6 Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate!

Posted on 11/10/2017 in Latest News

6 Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate!

I think we can all agree in saying that chocolate is a consistent pleasure in life! But do you ever feel guilty after eating a bar (or a whole block) of chocolate? Well have no fear, I’m happy to inform you all that there are many reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about eating chocolate, and here is a list of the top six:

Chocolate can prevent memory loss.

Scientists at Harvard Medical School, say that drinking two cups of hot chocolate each day could keep the brain healthy and reduce memory loss with older people. Hot chocolate helps to improve the blood flow to part of your brain that controls the long and short-term memory. Which means that hot chocolate could slow down the process and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Chocolate lowers your cholesterol.

According to the Journal of Nutrition, eating a small amount of dark chocolate daily might help with reducing your cholesterol levels and improving your blood pressure.

Chocolate helps with lowering the risks of heart diseases.

A study, published in The BMJ, have shown that eating 100 grams dark chocolate each day could help lower the risk of developing heart disease by one-third. They also discovered that out of the 44.489 people 22% were less likely to get a stroke.

Chocolate helps with weight Loss.

Adding small proportions of Dark Chocolate to your diet can do wonders. Studies have shown that dark chocolate is more filling than lighter coloured chocolate. Adding dark chocolate to your diet will make you crave less for sweet, salty and even fatty foods.

Chocolate reduces Stress.

Emotional eating might not be such a bad think when it comes to chocolate. It turns out that an ounce and a half of chocolate everyday could reduce your stress hormone levels.

You deserve it!

Have you ever bought yourself a box of chocolate as gift to yourself? If not you should consider it, because you deserve it!

Buying yourself a gift of chocolate is the perfect way to celebrate yourself. Eat chocolate because you did that great thing today. And always remember that chocolate cares!

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