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FAQ – Segway Victoria

What is a Segway?

A Segway is a battery-powered personal transportation device. With a maximum speed of 20 kilometres per hour, it is electronically balanced and has a zero turning radius and no emissions. Standing on the Segway, all movements are controlled by just leaning slightly in the direction you want to travel. While the inner workings of the Segway are highly complex, all you really need to know is that riding one is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Why doesn’t the Segway fall over?

Good question!! The Segway has an impressive array of electronics including gyroscopes, tilt sensors and much more that calculate your position and make adjustments 100 times every second. It’s like a high-powered computer working constantly to keep you and the Segway upright and as balanced as possible. You do not have to self-balance from front to back, even over rough or uneven terrain. We know this sort of technical talk is pretty hard to understand, and really, the only way most people can even begin to fully appreciate the wonder of the Segway is to try it for yourself.

How long does it take to learn how to ride?

The basic functions of the Segway can be learned by most people in a matter of seconds. The Segway’s operation is so intuitive that riders tend to feel completely comfortable within a couple of minutes. Prior to commencing any activities our staff will teach you how to ride and you will be supervised throughout. With appropriate training and a little familiarisation time, you’ll soon feel completely at home on a Segway!

Are there any physical requirements?

Riders must stand at least 110cm in height. Since riding a Segway requires you to be on your feet, you must be able to comfortably remain on them for no less than 90 minutes and capable of making minor shifts from front to back and side to side. Your ability to safely control a Segway will be assessed during the training phase of your activity. If, after an appropriate amount of training and familiarisation time, our trainers assess that you are not safely able to control the Segway, for your own safety and that of others, you will not be able to take part in further activities.

The weight limit for riding a Segway is 118kg.

Are there any age restrictions?

Participants on our Segway Tours must be a minimum of 10 years of age.

Can I fall while riding a Segway?

Yes. While the Segway balances for you, it is still under your control and relies on you to control its direction and speed. It is essential to know the limitations of your riding ability and the Segway and practice your skills accordingly. As when driving a car or riding any moving device, care and observation of hazards is essential in order to avoid collisions with obstacles.

Can I take part if I am pregnant?

We strongly recommend that expectant mothers do not participate in any Segway Victoria activities for their own safety and the safety of their child.

Is there a minimum group size for the tours?

No, we’ll operate any scheduled tour regardless of the number of bookings. Our maximum group size is currently 12 guests.

Can Segway Victoria provide transport for our group?

We can arrange transportation for corporate groups on weekday Seglympics activities or tours, but we are not able assist with transportation for our regular weekend tours. Additional costs apply for transportation.

How do I get to Rochford Wines?

Rochford Wines is located just one hour’s drive from the Melbourne CBD at the corner of the Maroondah Highway and Hill Road (Melways Reference: 277 D9). Unfortunately, access via public transport is very poor, so driving is really the only practical option.

Can the activities be undertaken outside normal business hours?

Yes. For group bookings we can provide these activities at all times of the day, provided a safe level of light is available. Activities can even be provided after dark, as long as a suitable source of artificial light is available.

What do we need to wear?

Participants are required to wear enclosed shoes, but apart from this we simply recommend comfortable attire that is appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions. Segway Victoria provides protective helmets as part of the package, but please feel free to bring your own helmet.

What if it rains?

If rain is forecast, we’d suggest you bring a rain jacket. We provide complimentary rain ponchos, so in light rain the tour can go on. If at any time the rain should become uncomfortably heavy, we simply head into the restaurant and have a coffee (or similar) while we wait for the rain to ease. Then we go out again and have some fun in the puddles! In the unlikely event that we can not complete a tour to everyone’s complete satisfaction, we’re happy to provide a voucher so you can come along on another day.

What does lunch include?

The lunch included with your Segway tour is a choice from four different main meals, with a glass of wine and tea/coffee. Special dietary needs can be accommodated, but please let us know in advance. Extra courses may be ordered and paid directly with the winery restaurant. You will be seated with other tour participants for lunch, unless you specifically request otherwise at the time of booking.

Can friends or family join us for lunch only?

Absolutely! Please let us know if others will be joining you for lunch so we can book additional seats as necessary. If you would prefer to sit apart from the tour group, please let us know this also, so we can make appropriate arrangements.