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10 Interesting Facts About Melbourne

Posted on 06/14/2019 in Latest News

1. A Gem Down Under

For seven years in a row Melbourne held the title of “Most Liveable City In The World”, only being overtaken by Vienna in 2018. The city’s healthcare is still second to none, and with schools and universities throughout the whole city it is no surprise why Melbourne proudly stood on this pedestal for such a long time.

2. Dining In Style

One of Melbourne’s most charming features is the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. Trams have been a vital part of life in Melbourne since the 1920’s. Over time, this earned them a place in people’s hearts, so to commemorate this the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant Company converted their first tramcar in 1981, and in 1982 the first tramcar restaurant went into the city to serve people food in style, on Melbourne Cup Day no less.

3. A Foodie’s Home

Melbourne holds the impressive title of most restaurants and cafes per capita in the world, showing the city’s love for food and obsession for delicacies. Being a city of immigrants, it is no surprise that there’s an incredibly wide array of restaurants and foods available at any time, in any place. A fan of Chinese food? No problem, visit Chinatown for some of the best local dishes you can find. Prefer a perfectly seared steak? Hit up one of the many steakhouses. Melbourne really is a place where you will never go hungry.

4. The Name Melbourne Deserves, Not The One It Needs

Melbourne is a beautiful city and has been around for a long time. Countlessly many great things are associated with Melbourne these days, but what if the city had had a different, much more exciting name? In the times of yore when Melbourne was just a collection of cottages and hopeful settlers, many names were put on the table, including Bareport, Barehup, the masculine-sounding Bearbrass, but by far the most exciting name that was proposed, and that was almost accepted, was Batmania, unfortunately not named after the dark knight, but after one of Melbourne’s founding fathers, John Batman.

5. Got To Get Around

One of the things making Melbourne so nice to live in is how easy it is to get around. The city has a great public transportation system, with trains going out to the suburbs and buses operating on the smaller scale transport. What takes the cake, however, is the city’s tram system. The trams combine the long-distance service of the trains with the small-scale operations of buses into one convenient service. They cover over 240 km of tracks, making it the fourth largest train system in the world and the largest outside of Europe. Best of all, you can use all modes of transport with 1 convenient card!

6. Sports Champions

Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world, hosting a grand total of 5 big sports competitions every year. Events like the Australian Open, the MotoGP, and the AFL Grand Final attract large crowds and a lot of attention to the athletic city. On top of this, Melbourne is the only city in the world that supports 5 international standard sporting facilities right outside of its CBD, including, among other, The Melbourne Cricket Ground, Hisense Arena, and the Olympic Park in Melbourne Park.

7. Race For The Bar

The early 1900’s were a turbulent time in the world’s history. Two World Wars back-to-back was a heavy period to endure for the people of those times. In an attempt to improve public morality and austerity, the government introduced a law that forced hotel bars and public houses to close their doors at 6pm. This lead to the now iconic “Six O’Clock Swill”, referring to the rush of people struggling to buy drinks before closing time.

8. A Rainy Day

Melbourne is a pretty normal world city, so far as they go, however in 1966 one of the most curious laws you will ever find was passed. This law, named the Rain-making Control act 1967, prohibits any form of seeding or nucleating of clouds by artificial means from a manned aircraft. Many people know of this law, but finding someone who will be able to tell you why the law still exists today is quite the challenge. Perhaps it contributes to the saying “Melbourne has 4 seasons in a day”

9. A Piece Of Cinema History

Back in the days of the 1900’s, cinema was a very different experience. Unlike todays grand epics, films used to be short stories, often containing a fairly direct message. This changed somewhat with the 1906 classic The Story of the Kelly Gang. This was the first film to run for more than an hour, making it the world’s first feature-length film. This iconic piece of cinematography was premiered in Melbourne’s Athenaeum Hall on 26 December 1906, giving it a place in history.

10. Prime Real Estate

One of the popular tourist attractions around Melbourne are the Brighton Bathing Boxes. The colourful beachside huts are a beautiful decoration that really brighten up the local beaches. These boxes were first constructed in the 1800’s, and many were passed down some of the older local families. Apart from their bright colours, the beach boxes are really nothing special, as they are really just wooden sheds with no access to water or electricity. Shockingly, however, the Brighton Bathing Boxes are some very expensive real estate, with one being sold in April of 2018 for a full $337,000!

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